Monday, January 31, 2011

Tubes and Noodles

Wanna see me make comics (and maybe animations) on a regular basis? Wanna help me pursue making a living off what I love to do without having to pay me anything?

Then step right up and visit my new comic blog Tubes and Noodles! 8D

Co-authors include Erica Riedy and Louise Fitzpatrick (Helgoth11 and Internetghostpig on deviantART), so if you hate me but love them, then there will still be something for you to enjoy!

Update 05/18/2014: If you still were paying attention to this and hoping for more, I don't think you should expect any updates.  I have never really been very good at comics and am focusing my sights on animation nowadays.  Sorry if there's any disappointment in that.

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