Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jake Avatar

I finished animating this Jake run cycle for the movie today, and I decided to make it an avatar in case anyone wants to accessorize with DTTAH on the webz. And because I wanted people to see it since it goes by pretty quick in the actual movie. As for updates on what's to come, tomorrow during study hall I'll start designing Jake's classmates' Puritan costumes and I'll request that Kevin come over on Saturday. ONCE THAT IS DONE, THE PURITANMAS SPECIAL SHALL BEGIN PRODUCTION!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I couldn't fit it in the picture but here's a list of the students:
Top row, left to right: Mike, Brendan, Hank, Sal, and Greg.
Middle row, left to right: John, Chris, Tim, Jake, and Vin.
Bottom row, left to right: Sam, Francis, Rastis, and Kevin.
Teacher: Coach (unintentionally similar to Madman and Henchman, he's never referred to by a name more creative than his role in the show).
As for cartoon updates, next week I'll most likely be inviting Kevin C. over so we can record Puritanmas and possibly some of the movie.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Anesthesia Really Takes It Outta Ya....

The endoscopy went fine, though I was quite loopy afterwards. But today, I had a colonoscopy. So yesterday, until 2 PM, all I was allowed to eat was broth, Jell-O, and Gatorade. At 4, I had to take this terrible tasting liquid-medicine to, uh... clean me out. I threw it back up twice and it burned my tongue. So today I was woken up to find out my colonoscopy appointment had been moved up! YIPPEE SKIPPY. D: In the waiting room, I watched The Price is Right (for the first time, because I watch almost nothing but cartoons) on their TV. The guy next to me looked like some old guy trying to be gangsta. He kept twitching and cursing and he was covered in tattoos. Oddly enough, it was actually the calm guy next to him who was getting worked on. Anyway, they had me put on a hospital gown and they put the IV (Ivy?) in my arm. They explained some stuff, asked me to turn on my side, put the anesthesia in the IV and the world became blurry.

SO YEAH, I have an inflamed large intestine! So now I'll be taking 9 pills a day to treat it. AWESOME.

Wish I had a better on topic update than this, but here's the first shot of Jake's kitchen drawn by me (just an example for Lars to improve on):